My website is in Italian and can be seen at However I know that English is the language of Internet and I would be glad to have also an English edition of my blog. I would like to do it in a decent English. I manage the language, but I know that it’s not my mother tongue. So I am looking for someone with journalistic experience in an English speaking country who can give me fast and professional translation at a reasonable price. I would like to find him/her in African English speaking countries like South Africa, Ghana, Botswana, Kenya or Tanzania. Why do I try this with Africa and not with journalists from other parts of the word? Because I have been working with Africa and I love it. Of course she or he must be able to understand written Italian. Anyone who is interested can write me: my mail is my first and last name without dots at gmaildotcom.

While the site is under construction, I leave some posts: in English or in Italian, with an English summary.